Over the last few years, the number of participants in the Heineken Roeivierkamp has grown rapidly. While it makes us very happy to see the popularity of our event increase, it also presents us with some logistic difficulties. As some of you may have noticed in the last years already, this mostly shows in the blocks on Sunday morning, where particularly the first block of the day is very crowded. To prevent this situation from getting unmanageable for our race directors and officials or unsafe for our participants, we have therefore decided to introduce a cut-off in the Men’s Masters Division, similar to what was introduced for the Club Eights some years ago. In practice, this will mean that after Saturday, only the top 75 crews of the entire Men’s Masters Division will qualify for the 5K on Sunday. While we realize this will affect a small number of crews in this division, we think that this is the most fair solution for now. We are exploring a definitive solution for the coming years that will ensure every participating crew can safely take part in our competition. This will be communicated in time by the race directors, but will not be implemented this year.

Our race directors are happy to answer any questions that might arise following this announcement. Feel free to send an email to

As some of you may have seen, the ice has melted rapidly this week. This afternoon, our race directors did a full course check and there is no reason to expect any ice on the river Amstel this weekend. This means that the 46th Heineken Roeivierkamp is on! Every crew will be able to race a full race. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Tonight will be the last night that the temperature in Amsterdam will be below zero degrees Celcius. Although most of the racing water is still covered with ice, the temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days. As of now we are expecting the ice to be gone by race weekend. We are still in close contact with our local weather authorities and we will update you again might there be changes in the forecast.

On Wednesday March 7th, we will provide a final decision about the continuation of the race. We have different scenario’s ready for the possible cancellation of one or two of the distances might the ice be still present on our long course. However, we are aiming for a full race.

The show must go on!