We’d like to thank everybody for a truly special weekend! A great big thank you to our hundreds of volunteers, the lovely weather, our Razende Reporters, sponsors, local partners, ASR Nereus, 436 participating crews and everyone else involved. We hope to see you again next year and leave you with the Sunday video compiled by our star team, the videocie. Bye!

The results for the Heineken 2016 are available online. If you haven’t picked up your webshop order or medal, we’re on-site at the Head of the River (also @ASR Nereus) next week. Photographs are available for purchase or download at one of the following locations:

This year we have two award ceremonies:

  • 17:00 for crews not participating in the 750m event
  • 20:30 for other crews


If you don’t feel like staying, you’re also able to pickup prizes next week at Nereus during the Head of the River.

The entries are closed and the numbers are in. We’re proud to announce that this year’s Heineken will star 432 crews! An amazing feat, thank you all so much. Tonight from 20:30 we will host the internationally acclaimed Heineken draw show, which is expected to be viewed by over 12 concurrent viewers, worldwide. Draw results will be published after the show.

Our data scientist and gong ringer Jisk has done the math and produced the following insightful graphs….

This morning we opened the Dutch stock exchange with a delicate yet refined strike on the gong! We’d like to thank our main sponsors Heineken and Kempen & Co, as well as the Euronext Exchange for providing us this opportunity