About the Heineken Roeivierkamp

The Heineken Roeivierkamp, the Heineken Club Quadrathlon or (preferably) simply “The Heineken”, is a yearly rowing regatta over four distances on the Amsterdam’s Amstel river. It is an official FISA event and traditionally marks the opening of the Dutch rowing season. Organised by the Amsterdam rowing club Nereus since 1973, this year will be the 48th edition of the regatta, proudly sponsored by the Heineken Brewery.

The Heineken features a unique course set on the river Amstel, situated close to Amsterdam’s historic center. Crews row four distances: 250 meters, 750 meters, 2500 meters and 5000 meters. The overall ranking is calculated by converting all times to 250 meter times, i.e. the 750 meter time is divided by three, the 2500 meter time by ten and the 5000 meter time by twenty. The sum of these forms the final score.

Each day, crews row a short and a long distance; on Saturday (in order) the 2500 & 250 meter, on Sunday the 5000 meter followed by the 750 meter.

Participation in the Heineken Roeivierkamp is open to eights and coxed quadruple sculls, more details are found on the divisions page. Categories accepted are:

  • Men, Lightweight Men and Women Elite 8+, Advanced 8+, Freshmen 8+ and Club 8+
  • Women Elite 4* and Women Lightweight Freshmen 4*
  • Masters 8+
  • Women Masters 4*
  • Junior Boys and Girls 8+ and 4*